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"To seek the unknown... until it becomes known.  This is the heartbeat of every truth seeker" -- Richter Cox

Richter Cox

Author, Artist, Award-Winning Screenwriter

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Adam and Eve: The Founders of Egypt book

Just like the treasure ships of old that brought chests of gold, silver, silks and spices from the orient, the author has found great treasure in the form of knowledge from Egypt that has eluded even the best of scholars. 

The founders of Egypt have been unknown and shrouded in mystery with secrets buried deep in the mysterious gods of Egypt, ancient Egyptian texts and the Bible.

The author reveals the 6000 year-old mystery and presents, with infallible proofs, from the roots of Adam and Eve comes the oldest civilization on earth – Egypt.

The author takes the reader from the creation of Adam and Eve to their journey from Eden, through a catastrophic cataclysmic event and human combatants that threatened their entire existence, to the founding of Egypt all in one fascinating, thought-provoking, must-read book.

Earth's Darkest Hour - Man's Darkest Hour book

This book reveals deep truths found in the Bible concerning the Last Days in mankind's future that few scholars, if any, have ever pieced together.  During the End Times, devastating events will occur to such extraordinary proportions that it will be the darkest times the earth and mankind will ever face.  The author explains the Last Years of mankind in precise, easy to understand language and format.  This book is written for both the scholar and the student to offer hope to all with an explanation of how to be ready and escape this darkest devastation that mankind will ever experience.

Anything For Love Jumping Goldfish Print

Romantic jumping goldfish print; PRINT ONLY.  DOES NOT include frame and matt board*.  Print actual size: 17 1/2 in X 13 3/4 in.  If you put a matt board with it, the print fits into a standard 16 in X 20 frame as shown here.  The caption reads: "I'd do the Impossible... to be with you!"

*Picture with frame and matt board for display suggestion purpose only.